MAIP 2020

The Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP) is a 22-week nation-wide fellowship program that allows students to learn from industry leaders and gain valuable experiences through virtual trainings and agency internships. I was accepted to be in the program from a pool of 600 applicants and selected by Deutsch, Inc. (LA). The internship was rescinded due to COVID-19, but I was able to participate and continue my summer through MAIP's Virtual Engagement Program (VEP).

The Project: Skills Application & Portfolio Building

  • Multiple projects assigned based on agency specialization or client potential

  • Fellows assigned to a project team and are assigned roles & responsibilities, who work collaboratively with their team to meet deliverables

Meet the Team

  • Role: Art Direction


Client: Gain

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Problem: People know Gain for their irresistible scent, but how do we make sure people know Gain Flings give your laundry freshness?


Client: Growth Initiative

Agency: 100 Roses from Concrete

Problem: How do we open an honest conversation around appearance and racial bias in the workplace and the outside world regarding BIPOC?


Client: Eventbrite

Agency: Digitas (Connected Hackathon)

Problem: What ideas can you bring that respond and reflect to the new normal? 

self illustration.png

Art Director & Designer